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HUIZHOU LIAN JING METAL MATERIAL CO.,LTD. as an affiliate of SWARM BOBBIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., specialized in manufacturing lead-free solder materials,  And LJ achieves ISO-9001:2000 certification in 2007.The service offices are located in Pearl River Delta, Shipai Dongguan, Jiangsu Suzhou.


SWARM BOBBIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founding in Taiwan since 1984.  SWARM is major in bobbin-based SMD field and owns the various abilities of plastic extrusion, molding, and processing.

Established SWARM BOBBIN(DONG GUAN)ELECTRONIC &PLASTIC CO.,LTD  in Shipai Dongguan in 1999.

Established HUIZHOU LIAN JING METAL MATERIAL CO.,LTD. in Chenhai village Chengjiang town Huizhou city in 2007.


LIAN JING has successfully developed the following products:

1.Lead-free high temperature tin antimony solder bar(Sn95/Sb5)

2.Nickel-plated lead-free solder wire

3.Stainless steel lead-free solder wire

4.Solar PV Ribbon (Tinned copper tape)

5.Solder Preforms


LIAN JING sincerely appreciates for the trust and support from our customers, related companies, and trade predecessors. We will continue reciprocate customers by virtue of technical innovation products and quality service, and welcome all the international or domestic companies to establish cooperative relationships with us.


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