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Fusible Alloy

Brand:LJ Fusible Alloy

Fusible metals: fusible alloy 47℃ -200℃, lead-bismuth alloy, tin-bismuth alloy, alloy medical stoppers, pipe filler alloy, fire the fusible metal
Melting Point:47℃、58℃、70℃、75℃、92℃、95℃、100℃、103℃、145℃、138℃、179℃、183℃、200℃、207℃, etc.(Can prepare various melting points according to the requirements)

Exterior:Silver lustrous metal (long-strip-shaped block)

Unit Price:Please call to discuss,  different melting points, different elements, different prices.

Application :

(1) Fusible alloy widely used as solders.

(2) Fusible alloy is used as a filler in bending metal pipes, precision machining parts.

(3) Fusible alloy is used as a  mosaic agent  in doing metallurgical sample.

(4) Fusible alloy is used as a embolization in automatic sprinkler systems .

(5) The fusible alloy is used as a fuse in electrical appliances , steam, fire fighting,fire warning , and other sensitive components.

(6) The fusible alloy is used in the casting process of the mold.

     The fusible alloy is used in the production of special products mold.

    The fusible alloy has the advantages of having a short molding cycle, the processing time fewer, the obvious superiority... Etc.

(7) Be made of radiotherapy with lead block in medicine with the fusible alloy.
     The specific shape made of low melting point alloy block in radiotherapy can effectively block the normal human tissue.

     The fusible alloy can effectively improve the accuracy and safety of radiotherapy.


Low melting point, easy to melt, easy molding.

Alloy high strength, long service life .

Good fluidity, filling ability of alloy melting,clear molding .

Small expansion shrinkage  , can guarantee the precision of mold.

Alloy and standard sample is not easy adhesion, easyparting;

Some lead-free alloys and non-toxic, no pollution ofthe environment;

The mold can be remelted, alloy can be usedrepeatedly;

A model is fast, can greatly reduce the die stackingspace.

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