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Solder preforms
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Electronic components mostly get smaller now, from original size 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201 to almost the limit size 01005, the amount of stained with tin become fewer, so the relative thickness of the steel plate is also on getting thin,from the most commonly used thickness 0.18mm until the current thickness 0.10mm, but not all components can reduce the size, like some connectors connected with the outside world, such as telephone line jack, network line jack, ATM card reader, etc. These components still need a certain amount of solder to ensure the welding quality. Besides some traditional plug-in for through-hole reflow soldering also needs additional solder, so how can use thinner steel plate then may part of increase the amountof tin, that is a matter of concern for the electronic solder industry nowadays.

Solder preforms can be made ??into a standard shape. It is basically a piece of tin blocks made ??of solder, which can be used to make up shortcomings, stencil printing restrictions caused the insufficient in amount of solder paste. Solder preforms usually made into tape and reel then pasted by SMT machine to avoid the personnel operating mistakes.




1.Can increase amount of tin in the through-hole reflow soldering process, so the traditional plug-in components can have more complete solder and reduce deficiency of solder and the occurrence of holes.

2.Can reduce components open solder rate because of the undesirable parts pin flatness and enhance its solderability.

3.Can be placed on the pad and local increase its amount of solder, make the solder can contact with parts pin, in order to achieve the purpose of solder.

4.Other applications

As a contacted buffer, added directly in the middle of two components of metal; or as a safety switch, when reaches the melting temperature will be short-circuited, switched off power.

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